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Michael & Lesley Alexander

Abishek with his big bro Parnish


Name: Abishek Pariyar

Gender: Male

Age: 2 1/2 years

Birthday: 13th March 

Currently Lives: Thashikhel, Lalitpur. Nepal

Living with: Mother, Father and older brother

Class: doeas not attend school

Interests:  Playing

Abishek's Story

The Pariyar's family home was destroyed in the 2015 earthquakes, at that time they lived in a small rural village in remote Nepal.  Father Anish and mother Parbati worked as farmer's laborers on another persons land. They found shelter living in a friend's cow shed. Soon after, Anish became depressed and suffered numerous mental health issues and resorted to alcohol as an escape. They made the decision to move to Kathmandu with their young son Parnish for treatment and to search for work. Anish's illness started to improve and he made the decision to look for work in Malaysia as so many Nepali's do, so he borrowed money and left in 2017, shortly after Parbati gave birth to a second son Abishek. For two years Parbati did not hear from her husband and he did not send money home for her. She relied on the assistance of a church and We All Rotate began sponsoring her eldest son Parnish and found a school for him to attend. Parbati found work cleaning houses but found it very difficult to work as she had to take Abishek with her each day. She was given a sewing machine and has found work sewing wedding dresses. One dress takes her a day and she gets paid as little as 50 cents per dress. The work is available during the wedding season only. The rest of the time she searches for any short term sewing jobs that allow her to work from home so she can also care for Abishek. Parbati has had to move several time in the last few months as all she can afford is very poor rental rooms that are  tiny and leak during the monsoon season. In August 2019 Anish returned from Malaysia with nothing more than the clothes on his back. He has returned angry and an alcoholic and takes out his anger on Parbati and elder son Parnish.....this is not acceptable! Luckily he spend most of his time away from home...where he goes Parbati does not know.


Note: for now We all Rotate are keeping a close eye on the family and monitoring Anish's behavior and the safety of the family.

NOVEMBER 14th 2019

The Alexanders sponsor Abishek

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