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Janette & Ron Eyles



Name: Anjana Poudel

Gender: Female

Age: 7 years

Birthday: March 2nd

Currently Lives: Sundhara, PatanNepal

Living with: Mum "Laxmi" and father " Hari"

Class: 3

Interests: Drawing

Favourite fruit: Mango

Favourite subject: English

Favourite colour: Red 


Anjana's Story

5 months ago Anjana's father Hari was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. To this date they are still running tests and have not started any treatment. They hope treatment will start very soon.

Prior to getting ill, Hari and Laxmi both worked as builders labourers and earned enough to get by...just. Now with Hari's failing health he can no longer work and Laxmi only works casually as she needs to care for her husband. Apart from dealing with the shock of this illness the family is now struggling financially to make ends meet. They need a helping hand.

Anjana is a shy quiet girl who loves school, is an above average student and when not at school loves to draw. She is currently in class 3 at a good school and we would like her to stay there. Through a sponsorship her school fees and expenses will be covered, bringing huge relief to Hari and Laxmi and allow them to focus on treatment and beating this disease.

17th July 2019 - Janette and Ron Eyles sponsor Anjana

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