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Proudly sponsored by

Den & Lauren Ellis


Name: Anjesh Dahal

Age: 9 years


Currently Lives: Nukshi, Patan. Nepal

Family members: 2 (Mother and Anjesh)

Class: 3

Interests: Playing hide and seek, Badminton

Anjesh's Story

Anjesh lives with his mother Tara. His Father Shyam died from an unknown cause in 2016. Since Shyam's passing Tara has struggled to make ends meet. She had to quit her job as the hours ran late into the evening and leaving Anjesh home alone at night was not an option. Persistence and determination helped her find a job on an industrial site making snacks for the workers and doing general cleaning chores. Earlier this year she fell ill for a couple of days and could not work, on returning to her job, she found she had already been replaced.

For the last 6 months she has found work at a supermarket sweeping the floors. 10 - 5 six days a week sees her bring home approx $65 dollars a month. Rent for her 1 small room is $50 per month, add food, water and school fees and she is in serious financial trouble. As a result school fees have not been paid for years, and the school, as generous as they are can not continue providing schooling for Anjesh. Their Landlord has also asked them to leave as she has fallen short on rent payments.

Anjesh is a lovely and polite young boy, although very shy he is smart and a contributing student. He often gives his mum massages, as her work is physically demanding, what a boy!

We have encouraged Tara to start looking hard for alternative accommodation, and cheaper if possible, (no easy task). The financial burdens are understandably heavy.


We think a small boost of encouragement is what she needs as she fights her way to raising Anjesh and providing as best she can for the both of them. Will you stand beside them? Support them? We are looking for a $33 per month sponsor to drastically brighten their future. Be the change Tara desperately needs to see and secure Anjesh's education today.


Tara & Anjesh


Den and Lauren commence sponsorship of Anjesh

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