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Proudly sponsored


Amanda Sandells

Anu Magar


Name: Anu


Sex: Female

DOB: 11/12/2009

Studies in class :  Class 3 (about to start 4 when school resumes after the Covid-19 lock-down eases)

School Result:  "A-B" Grade Student



Shy, withdrawn (although much better than before). Engaging once comfortable with a person. Loves to dance and sing. 

Anu's Story

In 2016 Anu's mother died of kidney disease, leaving her in the hands of her abusive and alcoholic  father. He would often leave her for days alone to fend for herself. Eventually Anu was given refuge and care by her maternal uncle. Although her uncle is more than happy to take Anu in, he  has children of his own and struggles financially to provide Anu with an education. 

In  late 2017 we stepped in and found a sponsor for Anu that allowed us to enroll her into a good school close to her home while also providing support, encouragement and relief for her uncle and his family.

Anu was initially extremely withdrawn and spoke very little, even while around her family. We have watched over the last 2 years Anu grow into a fine young lady , achieving wonderful results at  school and more importantly has grown in self confidence and now engages well with others and puts her hand up to participate  in school sports, dance and any other extra curricular activities the schooll provides.

Recently Anu's sponsorship has been put on hold, due to her sponsor's falling into some financial difficulty and needing   to step aside from sponsorship.

This  provides a wonderful opportunity for someone to step in and sponsor Anu as she continues her education and development. And if we are to be completely  honest, it will be impossible for us to continue to keep her enrolled in her school without a sponsor. 

8th of July 2020 - Amanda makes the life changing decision to sponsor Anu

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