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Name: Ajay Tamang

Age: 17

Birthday: 1st December 2002

Currently Lives: Balaju, Kathmandu

Living with: Aunty

Class: 9

Interests: Football

dreams of working abroad in the hospitality industry

Ajay's Story

The gentle giant; Ajay is a quiet and withdrawn young man who currently lives with his Aunty, Uncle and 2 cousins.

His father passed away when Ajay was 4 years old. He was working abroad in Malaysia when he fell sick and returned to Nepal shortly after he passed away. 

When Ajay was 10, his mum up and left and he has not seen her since. 

Ajay must complete year 10 to receive his SEE certificate, the minimum education certificate that will open up many options for his future and necessary for him to apply for hospitality management and to apply to work abroad.

Year 10 and SEE exam expenses are about to put a huge financial strain on Ajay and his Aunt this year and because of an unforeseen recent hardship, Ajay's enrollment this year at his current school is threatened. Unable to pay  school fees means Ajay 


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