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Name: Aryan Bishunke

Age: 15 years

Birthday: Sept 17th

Currently Lives: Thankot, Kathmandu

Living with: (Mother, 2 x sisters)

Class: 9 (class 10 from April 2019)

Interests: Football. Aims to be a computer engineer

Aryan's Story

Aryans Father died 4 years ago. Before that he was paralyzed for 11 years due to a fall after fainting from high blood pressure.

For years Aryans mother "Nirmala" has worked as a house maid in 4 different houses to make ends meet, earning on average a total of $130 per month. 9 months ago Nirmala fell ill, she constantly runs out of breath and recently has had a fall. She has had no choice but to quit her job. Tests have shown spots on her lungs, and mounting medical bills has meant she has fallen behind in paying for Aryan's school fees, putting at risk Aryan's opportunity to continue his studies.  Aryans two older sisters have completed school and are working to help make ends meet for the household.

Nirmala has approached us pleading for help. Aryan must complete year 10 to receive his SEE certificate, the minimum education certificate that will open up many options for his future and necessary for enrollment into higher +2 studies if he wishes to reach his goal of becoming a computer engineer.

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