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$45 will provide a generous hamper to a family desperate for food.

Nepal's lockdown has now been extended into its 10th week, we are continuing to learn of families needing our help. These families usually rely on daily wages of less than $10 a day. They literally live day by day...and that was before the effects of Covid-19. wage, no food, and no hope.

Every family we help we call by phone, and or we physically pay them a visit (adhering to distancing guidelines of course) using one of our local volunteers to establish the legitimacy of every need. We do this to make sure your money and the food goes where it is needed most.

We know these times are tough for many of you but if you are in a position, please consider donating to help a family in need. Every cent is spent on food relief, there are no administration costs!

Each hamper we send out costs approximately $45 AUD and includes 25Kg of rice, 2 kg Dahl, 3kg of Dehydrated beans/pulses, 2kg flour, 500g salt, 1ltr Oil, Oranges, Potatoes and 3 x types of green vegetable. Enough to feed the average family for several weeks.


Dontions can be made to
We All Rotate Ltd
BSB : 033211
Acc #: 021400
Ref: FR  "your name"

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