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Michael and Emily



Name: Deepsika Maharjan

Age: 9 years

DOB: 2009 (actual date unknown)

Currently Lives: Thashikhel, Laliptpur. Nepal

Family members: 4 (Mother Sabita, Father Dilip,daughter Deepsika, 2 yr old son Salon)

Class: Prep

Interests: Eager to learn

Deepsika's story

Deepsika's father is an alcoholic and unemployed and unreliable. He only visits home once every 2 months, the rest of the time it is unsure where he goes and whom he is with. Because of the instability in the family home, Deepsika lives with her maternal aunt, where she is fed, given shelter and clothing. 

Deepsikas's mother Sabita has epilepsy, but her medication has it under control. Sabita lives 1 hour away from Deepsika but journeys in every day for work and to see Deepsika. Recently Sabita has started worked as a maid in 2 different households and puts her 2 year old son in the care of others while she works. Her hope is that with good reliable work and income,  she can rent a house near her work and where Deepsika will be attending school and the family can be whole again.

Deepsika is 9 years old but because of family struggles and being very poor they could not afford to send her to school until very recently. That is why she is only in class prep. She is currently at a local government school. Deepsika just loves learning, she is a bright, confident girl.

Through a sponsorship we will be enrolling Deepsika into a very good private school close to her Aunts home. She will be given the opportunity to grow and learn in a safe and encouraging environment. And all for only $33p/m! 




Pushpa (We All Rotate) & Sabita

6th December 2018

Micheal and Emily make the life changing decision to Sponsor Deepsika

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