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Name: Gopal Khadka

Gender: Male

Age: 8yrs

Birthday:  -

Currently Lives: Kohalpur, Nepalgunj. Nepal

Living with: Older sister Manisha and "guardian/landlord"

Class: L.K.G ( Lower Kinder)

Interests:  School

Character: Loves studying and is a very bright student


Gopal's story

Gopal is the youngest of 5 children (3 girl's , 2 boys), the oldest being Manisha his 16 year old sister.

Not long after the 2015 earthquake Gopal's mum suffered injuries due to an electric shock and moved away to get medical help. Its been nearly 4 years and the family has not seen or heard from her.  The 5 children were left in the care of their father, an unreliable alcoholic who eventually sold the house from beneath them and ran off, leaving all five kids alone. The 3 Girls were separated into different homes to work as domestic laborers while 1 boy was put into a monastery and Gopal being the youngest was able to stay with Manisha his sister. They were taken in by a man who got Manisha to work as a house maid and look after his sick mother. By all accounts the man is  nice to them and allowed Manisha to attend school during the days as long as she fulfilled her duties before and after school. Gopal would often be left alone in the house. The sick mother has since passed and Manisha is still required to house clean and in return Gopal and herself have a roof over their heads. Manisha desperately wants to give Gopal the gift of an education and has recently enrolled him into a good school. She works her holidays as a farmers laborer to pay for his schooling. This of course all takes a toll on her own education as she studies now in grade 9. Manisha has come to us for some help.


Gopal & Manisha

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