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Hellary is proudly sponsored


Melissa & Chris McFall



Name: Hellary Tamang

Age: 7 years

Birthday: unknown

Currently Lives: Balaju Heights, Bodatar. Kathmandu

Living with: Aunty

Class: Starts grade 1 this year

Interests: Playing and learning

Hellary's Story

Hellary's father Santosh has been paralyzed from the waist down for the last 3 years, the cause is unknown. When Santosh became ill, Hellary's mother up and left, she has not seen her since. Hellary comes from a district in the south of Nepal. Poverty stricken and unable to look after her, Santosh made the decision to send Hellary to live in Kathmandu with an aunt. The aunts financial situation is also desperate, and living conditions are poor.  Hellary was given the exciting chance last year to join a Prep class and loved it!  Through a sponsorship Hellary will start grade one this year. How exciting for her.

And in case you were wondering, yes she is named after Sir Edmund Hillary.


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