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Lloyd and Robyn Smith

Khil Prasad


Name: Khil Prasad

Age: 4 yr old Boy

DOB: 26th May 2014

Currently Lives: Kohalpur, Nepalgunj. Nepal

Living with: Father, Sister , Grandfather, Grandmother

Class: Nursery

Interests: playing and eating peanuts

Khil Prasad's Story

Khil prasad's mother abandoned him, his older sister Chanchal and Father Chandra, when she fled abroad with another man. Khil Prasad's father Chandra works as a delivery driver. He also suffers from a heart condition. 

Khil Prasad lives with his father, sister and elderly paternal grandparents.

We currently also sponsor Khil Prasad's older sister Chanchal and on recent visits to the family home we believe helping cover Khil Prasad's education expenses will bring a huge financial relief to the household.

This family is gorgeous and so grateful for any support. Khil Prasad ( apart from having the best name ever!) is a polite boy, although cheeky and can devour a bag of peanuts in no time...we've seen this first hand haha.

21st December 2018

The Smith's Sponsor Khil Prasad

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