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Sabbu is proudly sponsored


Robyn Tomkins


Sabbu and her mother Kamala

Sabbu Thapa

Age: 14 

DOB: 15th January 2004

Family Members: 5 (Mother, 3 x Sisters, 1 x Brother)

Lives: Imadole, Lalitpur. Nepal

Class: 8

Interests: Singing 

Dreams of becoming a singer

Sabbu's Story

Sabbu lives with her mother and two elder sisters and one younger brother. Her father "Krishna" recently passed away (Dec 25, 2017) due to Liver failure.  Her mother "Kamala" works in a wool factory and earns approx $75 p/m. Kamala also suffers high blood pressure and is now absent from work more often than she attends


Sabbu's older sisters, "Sangita" & "Sarita" have completed their schooling and are now working and able to assist in the everyday costs of the household. The recent passing of her father has burdened them with the debts of her father's previous treatments. (thousands of dollars)

Financial difficulties have meant that a decision needs to be made whether to move Sabbu from her current school to a government school. (Nepalese government schools have a very poor curriculum and pass rate). Upon hearing this Sabbu broke down in tears. Sabbu is an A grade student, but recently her teachers have told us she is struggling to focus, which is totally understandable considering her fathers recent passing and the financial stresses at home.

02nd July 2018 - Sabbu gets sponsored

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