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man kumar


Name: Man Kumar


Gender: Male

YOB: 2012

Class: 1

SchooL: A.V.M Kathmandu

Family:  Lives with an aunt "Sushmita"

Likes/Dreams: Favourite subject is English / Becoming a doctor

Personality: Quiet, friendly, good student

Man Kumar's story

Mother committed suicide when Man Kumar was 2 years old. He was in the room at the time. His father looked after him for the next 8 years. Tragically and suddenly he passed away in February of 2022, the cause still unknown. Kumar was sent to live with his Aunt Sushmita.

Aunt sushmita's story

Sushmita's husband abandoned her 10 years ago and he has not been heard from since. She lives alone with her daughter. Her husband's younger brother was Man Kumar's dad. Sushmita is related only by marriage, and even though her husband abandoned her so long ago, she is still required to take on the huge responsibility of caring for Man Kumar. Sushmita works as a house maid every morning and then during the day at a garment factory and now, with the extra responsibility, is struggling and can not cover Man Kumar's education expenses. 


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