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Name: Neha Tamang

Gender: Female

Age: 11 years

Birthday: 9th December

Currently Lives: Ranibari, KathmanduNepal

Living with: Maternal Grandmother "Bishnu Maya"

Class: 7

Interests: Playing, Reading, Writing, Dancing


Neha's Story

Neha's mum "Srijana" passed away due to cancer in 2018. Neha is an only child as was her mum Srijana. Neha is now in the care of her maternal grandmother "Bishnu Maya". The two of them live alone as he maternal Grandfather passed away several years ago.


Neha's father left years ago after being challenged by Bishnu Maya to shape up or ship out....he obviously shipped out!  He was an abusive alcoholic and caused a lot of pain to the family. He has not been heard of in many years....a good thing!

Bishnu Maya has had to search for work to help keep Neha in her current school. She works 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and brings home approx $65 per month. The expenses far exceed her income and she is struggling under enormous pressure. Her priority is paying for Neha's education as she sees it as an investment into both their futures, unfortunately every month this leaves them with not enough for groceries and they rely on neighbors and friends continuously for hampers and support.

We would like to break this cycle of hardship by finding a sponsor to cover Neha's education expenses. We know this will provide huge financial and emotional support and allow Bishnu Maya to divert the money saved into buying good food for the two of them.

19th July 2019 - Alice King sponsors Neha

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