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Nischal is proudly sponsored


The Wilson Family


Name: Nischal Pun

Age: 3 years

DOB: 2015

Currently Lives: Jamunitole, Kohalpur. Nepal

Home members: 5 (Mum Tilasara and her parents in law, 11 yr old uncle Gopal)

Class: Currently not attending school

Interests: playing with his uncle Gopal

Nischal's story

When Nischal was born his father decided to head to India with the hope of finding work to provide for his young family, leaving his wife Tilisara and baby son behind.

3 years on, Tilasara has, to this day not heard from her husband or received any money. Nischal and Tilasara share a house with her parents in law and young Uncle Gopal ( you can read his story on previous page). Tilasara is the only income earner for the household, working as a builders laborer and earns $60 per month. With her income she needs to provide for the whole household and also support Gopal, her Nephew's education.  

Through a sponsorship we will enroll Nischal into to the same school as his Uncle Gopal. His first classes will start immediately and provide a huge amount of relief to Tilasara.


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