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Michael and Emily



Name: Prince Shahi

Age: 4 years

DOB: Oct 15th 2014

Currently Lives: Pancheswori, Lalitpur. Nepal

Family members: 2 (Mother, Simran and Prince)

Class: Currently not attending school

Interests: Playing, wants to become a pilot

Prince's Story

Prince's father up and left him and his mum "Simran" in April of 2018. 

In a courageous and brave move, Simran moved from her rural village and relocated to Kathmandu 100's of Km's away,  in a desperate attempt to find work and begin making a living and new life for herself and Prince. 

Having found a cleaning job she now works 6 days a week 8am-5pm, taking Prince with her to work each day. She earns approx $80 Aud per month. They have taken accommodation in a temporary tin room with rent costing Simran $50 per month. 

At 4 years old Prince should now be in school. We would like to enroll him in a good quality school near by his home, providing him with a safe and encouraging environment to learn and grow, and allow Simran to concentrate on her job.

We think a small boost of encouragement is what she needs as she fights her way to raising Prince and providing as best she can for the both of them. Will you stand beside them? Support them? We are looking for a $33 per month sponsor to drastically brighten their future. Be the change Simran and Prince desperately needs to see and secure Prince's education today.

6th December 2018

Micheal and Emily make the life changing decision to Sponsor Prince

Home Visit 

We visited Simran and Prince immediately after receiving the good news from Michael and Emily.

Simran was very emotional. "After my husband left us, the pain has been very deep, and I've felt like i was drowning, this news has lifted me up. With your help i can do so much more, there's nothing else to say, thank you" says Simran


This news has lifted me up Simran


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