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Name: Ritika


Gender: Female

DOB: Nov 2017

Class: Nursery

School: Canvas P.S

Lives with: Mother

Likes/Dreams: Loves the colour yellow, singing, playing and fruit juice

Personality: Happy, cheeky, full of energy


Ritika's story

Ritika's mother "Rupa" found out that her husband and Ratika's father had another family elsewhere and took the brave and admirable step recently to divorce him. Divorce is still frowned upon in parts of Nepal and Rupa was the brunt of a lot of community judgment and ostracized by many. They have recently moved to be closer to family and Rupa has found work in a timber factory working 12 hour days, sometimes 7 days a week and earns approximately $150 per month. Ritika stays with family during the day while mum is at work, but now she of the perfect age to start going to school.

We would like to encourage and support this brave young mother by admitting Ritika into a nearby school,  not only supporting her education but also providing the family with some welfare assistance throughout the year. 

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