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Samikshya is proudly

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Michelle Davies


WAR team visit Samikshya June 2018


I have just returned from the Nepalgunj region of Nepal. Sorta south west Nepal very close to the boarder of India and reputed known as the hottest area of Nepal. At this time of the year 40+ plus deg heat. Please remind me NOT to go at this time of year again haha.

The region is beautiful, flat and the land is primarily farming land. It’s clean and dust free as opposed to Kathmandu.  


The very first day I was there I met Samikshya, she was my first student to visit. In the evening after school I met her and her family at her home. A small, humble but pretty house set amongst rice paddies. She lives with her Mother, Father and older sister and brother. Her father works as a builder’s labourer and her mother works washing dishes at a small roadside food shack.

You may notice in the pictures that her mother indeed she has 2 legs which differs from the initial information I received that she only had one. However both feet are terribly deformed and she walk almost on the top of her feet instead on the soles. This makes walking difficult, but none the less she walks far distances to and from work.

Samikshya is a real sweetie…. I told you my goal was to get a smile out of her and that I did!! Yay. And what a beautiful smile she has and I have encouraged her to use it more often. Her mother says she is a serious child who frowns most of the time. While with us she started to relax and enjoy our company, often holding my hand and chatting away in Nepali as I pleasantly smiled and nodded…to what; god knows.

We took her out clothes shopping with the rest of the sponsor students from that region, which she was very excited about. The other girls in the group all bought frilly girly dresses…. Not Samikshya, she’s more practical and wanted leggings and a t-shirt… so that’s exactly what she got. While in a group environment she is often the loner, opting to stand by herself staring into oblivion. Her mother says she has some self-esteem issues and thinks she’s not as pretty as other girls….what a load of rubbish and I was quick to correct Samikshya on that..she’s gorgeous, a deep thinker and unique. 

Adding to her esteem issues, at the moment in this heat she was covered in a heat rash that manifests itself in raised dry scaly bumps over her face and body… poor thing.

The School she is attending is fantastic. I was so very impressed by the young 25yr old principle who has single handedly raised this school from nothing in only 2 years. It is a private Montessori school currently teaching to class 4, but I have no doubt that it will be at grade 6 in no time, so is the commitment, reputation and hard work of the principle and teachers. The school currently has 200 students.

Samikshya’s “leg length discrepancy” issue is slowly improving after her operations and is now required to wear specialised corrective supportive boots. We donated some money to help cover the cost of new boots too.

Thanks again Michelle for supporting Samikshya. Please enjoy the photos and that gorgeous smile. I will post via fb messenger her video to you…it seems easier that way.


Warm Regards


We ALL Rotate Ltd

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