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Saujan isProudly sponsored


Darren Riggon & Jason James


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Name: Saujan Tamang

Gender: Male

Age: years

Birthday: September 7th 20014

Currently Lives: Bulu, LalitpurNepal

Living with: Mum, Grandmother, Grandfather.

Class: L.K.G (lower Kinder)

Interests: Playing


Saujan's Story

Saujan's father committed suicide in December of 2018 after a long battle with a mental illness. He left behind a wife and 1 son. 

Mum Srijana used to work in a wool factory but since the death of her husband she has battled her own depression. She currently can not hold down a job. Saujan's grandparents both work as builders laborers to make ends meet, working long days carrying bricks and building supplies...(not work for the faint hearted!). Combined they may bring home $15 a day. 

Saujan is a bright and energetic young boy who loves school however his position in his current school is about to be lost because the pressure to pay school fees is too much for his grandparents bare at this time and they will be withdrawing him from school. 


Crisis averted! Darren and Jason from Geelong, Australia have decided to stand beside Saujan and give him support his education.


Thanks Darren & Jason!

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