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Shishir Nath


Name: Shishir


Gender: Male

DOB: April 2015

Class: Kinder

SchooL: Canvas P.S

Lives with: Paternal Aunt and Uncle

Likes/Dreams: Loves English and wants to be a doctor

Personality: Smart, engaging, full of energy, polite

Shishir's story

Shishir lived with his parents in a small village in rural Nepal. Both parents are handicapped, his father has a prosthetic leg and his mother seems to suffer from Tibial Muscular Dystrophy. Both work as famer's laborers. They get paid less than able bodied workers, receiving around $3 per day. Understanding the value of a good education, Shishir's parents made the decision to send him to live with his paternal aunt and her family.  The aunt and uncle, also recognizing the power of a good education decided recently to move their family to an even larger city in order for their own children and Shishir to have access to better schools. Uncle has since skipped over the boarder to India to find work, and makes little contact and provides barely enough financial support. Financially the Aunt can not provide for her children and also Shishir's education.  We have tentatively enrolled Shishir into a good school in the area and he is doing really well in class.

We now want to make his position in the school secure with our long-term support. 


Shishir's Father "Tej's" Story

During Nepal's civil war in the 90's, Maoist insurgents would regularly visit rural villages and engage in intimidation tactics, violence and often try to remove the adult males from their homes. On one occasion when Tej was only 12 years of age, a group of Maoists entered their home and tried to forcibly remove his father.  In defiance, Tej bravely fought  back in an attempt to save his father. As punishment, they broke Tej's leg; it seems he got off lightly. Prohibited from getting to a health post, after some time, Tej's leg became infected.  With the help of some health workers he was secretly taken for treatment, but by that stage amputation was the only option. Tej may have lost his leg, but that act of defiance miraculously saved his father that day because the Maoists left without him. 

Tej now has a prosthetic leg and can do almost everything an abled bodied man can do al-be-it a tad slower. Working in the fields as a farmer's laborer is tough work and he puts up with a lot of discomfort, but he does what is required to make ends meet. We recently met with Tej while we visited Shishir. He heard we were coming to do a case study on his son so he made the 2 day journey from his village to meet with us, such was the excitement at the possibility of a sponsorship that will ensure his son gets a good education. 


Shishir and Tej. April 2022

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