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Proudly sponsored


Tim, Malou, Matilda and wilma



Name: Simon

Gender: Male

Age: 8 yrs

Birthday:  unknown

Currently Lives: Balaju Heights, Bodatar. Kathmandu

Living with: Lives in Hostel

Class: Kinder

Interests:  Playing, Drawing

Simon's Story

Simon's mother and father died when their house collapsed during the devastating 2015 earthquakes. Simon is an only child and was taken into the care of his grandmother and step grandfather, they too were left homeless after the earthquake and lived in a tented city along the banks of a river in Kathmandu. It's an extremely poor community and to this day the grandparents still live there. Simon's step grandfather also suffers from a severe mental illness and is unable to work, considering the poverty and the lack of food and inadequate shelter and no means to support him or educate him, Simon's grandmother made the decision in 2019 to take him to a local church and she left him there asking that they look after him.

The church then handed him into the care of a local school and hostel.

It's been 6 months since Simon has been attending school. He is in class kinder and is thriving and relishing the opportunity to learn. He is a bright, considerate and engaging boy and is picking up learning quickly.

16th September 2019

Tim and Co decide to sponsor Simon.....A game changer!!

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