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Name: Aadarsha


Gender: Male

DOB: 29th April 2015

Class: Introduction to Braille

School: Namuna Machindra

Lives with: School Hostel 

Likes/Dreams: Loves to sing

Personality: Quiet, shy

Aadrasha's story

Aadrasha is an only child and was born blind. Both his parents are also blind from birth. The family has moved to Kathmandu to find work and to find an all inclusive school so Aadrasha can fulfill his dream of going to school. We have a fantastic school in Kathmandu that is well equipped to teach sight impaired and blind students.  Aadrasha has recently been enrolled in the school and because the family's rental home is some distance away, he has entered the school's onsite hostel where he has made friends and has "live-in" peers with similar disabilities. 

Aadrasha's parents make and sell incense sticks, usually by the roadside. On a good day they might earn themselves $5 each. With such minimal earnings they can not afford the costs of the school hostel and education expenses. But together we can!    


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