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Dignity Pack

Beautiful hand made re-usable sanitary wear made locally in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Our Dignity Packs are all made by our amazing volunteer force of individual sewers, groups, schools and colleges.

Our packs promote comfort, health and confidence and opens the door for good hygiene training and a discussion about menstruation. In many areas of Nepal woman are still seen as unclean and separated from the household/schools during menstruation.
We think they're pretty damn cool. What do you think?

Twice a year we trek our packs into the far corners of Nepal. Transportation, accommodations, tips and porters all come at a cost. Please consider donating so we can continue this important work.

"Educate a child, and you educate a nation"

We personally visit at risk children and families in Nepal and assesses their needs and circumstances for financial education assistance. We engage sponsors to financially stand beside a student through a unique and personal sponsorship program. We enroll children into suitable schools, manage costs and liaise continually with the family, school, sponsor and student to monitor progress and well-being. We are continually finding new families that desperately need support, here you will find their stories and given the opportunity to invest in a child and their families future for only $36 per month.

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An new and exciting initiative started in 2019.

Immersing Nepal's disadvantaged youth in an adventure that provides the opportunity to trek and see the beauty of Nepal while gaining life skills through physical challenges, team work and leadership development activities. Usually held over 5 days, we are providing treks for both male and female students

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