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Sponsor an Education



This has to be one of the best pages on our site! Here we share with you children and families that desperately need a helping hand.

Together with our local partners we personally visit each child in their home, meet the family and assess their conditions and needs. If we find that their situation needs your help, we will then visit the schools and meet with principals and work to establish a reasonable fee structure that the school is happy with and that fits within the confines of our $36 per month plan.

Some children we commit to helping are already enrolled and attending a school but the families are struggling financially and often falling behind in payments meaning the child is at risk of being kicked out of school. Other times we are enrolling children into a suitable school for the very first time...NOW THAT'S EXCITING!! 

As a sponsor you will be kept up to date with the student and family's progress. We regularly visit students at schools and in their homes to provide you with a unique and personal experience and we just love sending you photos and videos of your sponsored student. It's important to us that as a sponsor you know just how much of an impact your investment is making in a child's life and future.

If this is something that you would like to be involved with, if you would like to make a change in a young persons life and ultimately their family's life, please check out some of the children below in desperate need of your help.

from as little as $36 Aud per month.

Please check out the Gorgeous faces below
Those in Full Colour NEED YOUR HELP

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