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Name: Aaradhya


Gender: female

AGE: 8 (May 2024)

Class: 3

SchooL: Super vision English School

Lives with: Mother and older sister

Likes/Dreams: Wants to be a science teacher

Personality: Smart, engaging, polite

Family story

Aaradhya's mother "Subhadra" is a single mother of 2. She was married off at the age of 14 to a man in his late 30's. Not long after giving birth to her second daughter, Aaradhya, her husband left for work and has never been heard of since. After that many debt collectors came to her door, trying to collect on her husbands debts. Rumors say he has 2 other families, one in Nepal and one in India. A divorce is impossible without being able to make contact with her husband, it's now been 7 plus years. Subhadra spent many years moving from one family member to another receiving support until each and every one of them moved her on as they had over stayed their welcome. The family of 3 are now in Kathmandu, and Subhadra works as a cleaner in a health clinic. She works 8 hours a day,  7 days a week and receives less than $150 per month. Half of that is used to pay rent. 

Aaradhya absolutely loves her school, but the fees now are more expensive than can be afforded and debts are mounting. Through a sponsorship and a deal with the school we can pay ongoing fees and waive past past dues. A sponsorship will bring relief to a mum and allow a young girl to thrive and continue her education unhindered.

We are looking for a $36(AUD) per month sponsor to support Aaradhya . 

Click the link below to find out more


Per month


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