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Sexual Abuse Survivor


17 years


Kathmandu Safe House


Yet to be determined

About Pinky

Pinky's mother was killed in 2022. After that Pinky dropped out of school to take care of her younger brother and sister (her father was working in India). 

It didn't take long before Pinky was taken advantage of by a village elder, abused and raped and as a result pinky became pregnant. Her abuser forced her to have an abortion and once the village community heard about the situation Pinky was shunned, and living in her community became unsafe. 

She was taken into the care of our partner organisation and brought to Kathmandu to live in a safe house with other survivors where she can get the care and counselling she requires. 


Recently, since moving to Kathmandu Pinky has received word that her younger sister was killed by poisoning and her father has taken her brother to India with him. If all of this wasn't enough to endure, Pinky will shortly have a medical procedure to remove samples of tissue from a suspicious lump on her breast. 

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