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Ashmita is proudly sponsored


Damian Snape



Asmita sharing her story with We All Rotate

Name: Ashmita Shivakoti

Age: 13 years

DOB: 1st of May 2005

Currently Lives: Chamati, Kathmandu. Nepal

Living with: "guardians" Husband, Wife, Son and Daughter in law

Class: 6

Interests: Studying, plans to become a nurse

Ashmita's Story

When Ashmita was 3 years old her Father left her and her mother Lila and younger sister Shmita.

To start a new life Lila took her girls to live in Kathmandu where jobs are "easier" to come by and education is readily available. Lila soon found work as a builders laborer and both girls enjoyed attending school.

When Ashmita was 10 her father reappeared and demanded that he will now take care of his daughters. Lila reluctantly gave custody to him.

Ashmita's father had remarried by this time and the "wicked stepmother" scenario started to play out. A neighbor noticed the trouble Ashmita and Shmita were in and stepped in to help, providing them with accommodation. The father by this time had had enough and was happy to see the two girls leave. Mother Lila was contacted, but she was already enjoying a new life with a new man and did not want the girls back. The sisters lived with the Neighbor for a period of time until the husband returned from working abroad and insisted the girls can no longer stay with them. At this point the girls were separated and sent to live with different families that put their hand up to help.

Ashmita has been living the last year with a "guardian"  family and effectively is their live in maid. Cleaning the house and doing chores for 3 hours before school and then another 3 hours after school, and all day on her Saturday's off from school. In return her "guardians" have enrolled her in a very good school, where she is thriving and at the top of her class. However they have given notice to the school they don't want Ashmita living with them and will no longer be paying for her schooling past this year. Her school has concerns for Ashmita and have contacted We All Rotate for help. The school has also contacted the Biological father but he has made it clear " my girls are dead to me". Ashmita has not heard from her mother for over a year and has not seen her sister or has any idea where she is.

We will be monitoring Ashmita's welfare very closely. In the mean time we want to take over paying school fees as of next year and secure her spot at the school long term, providing Ashmita with some security she has not felt for a long time.  We are also investigating accommodation options, for when it may be needed.

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