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Bhumika is proudly sponsored


Mel McGuire


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Name: Bhumika Rai

Gender: Female

Age: 7 years

Birthday: November 8th 2012

Currently Lives: Chapaguan, LalitpurNepal

Living with: Mum "Goma" and older brother "Bhupen"

Class: 1

Interests: Reading


Bhumika's Story

"I left a poor marriage to an abusive and alcoholic husband" Says mother Goma. 

One year ago Goma up and left, taking with her, her two children Bhumika and Bupen. Her husband was an alcoholic, abusive and absent more often than not and had a year earlier acquired himself a second wife.

The three of them made the huge and daunting decision to move to Kathmandu, where opportunities seem endless and money is easy to come by if you work hard; or so it is thought.

Goma now works selling snacks from a cart on the side of the road, she expects to make around $70 per month after expenses. She has found a small room to rent and has enrolled  7 yr old Bhumika into a school. Bhumika's brother Bhupen has some learning difficulties and is a mute and he found living in Kathmandu too noisy and was isolated during the day as he does not want to attend school. Goma made the tough decision recently to return Bhupen to their rural village where he now lives with his Grandparents.


And then there were 2. Goma and Bhumika. "This is what happens when you you marry wrong, when you are not supported by your husband. Life just crumbles." explains Goma through tears. " I live for Bhumika now, she is my life long friend now". 


Desperate to provide a good education, Goma enrolled Bhumika into a good school while clinging to the hope that her snack business will improve and be able to provide enough for rent, food and education.....sadly it does not. Goma is falling behind in paying her school fees, she is fearful she will have to take her out of the school. 

Bhumika is a very bright, and happy girl who loves school, loves reading and has eagerly grabbed hold of her opportunity to learn and has picked up the English language well already.

27th May 2019

Bhumika is sponsored by Mel McGuire

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