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education is the key to empowering women


Per month


It's T's & C's time!

Below are our terms and Conditions, please read them. They will give you a great understanding of what we will do together. There is nothing more rewarding than giving a child the gift of an education and encouraging them on the path of discovery and learning, elevating, not only the child but their family out of poverty and laying the foundations of a brighter future.



  • A sponsorship is $36 Aud per month and what that means is, you will become the sole sponsor of a child's education. We would have already met with that child and their family and assessed that their circumstance requires your help.


  • Your $36 will cover monthly school fees and exam fees, stationary and uniforms each year. We always ask the parents/guardians of the child to contribute a small percentage financially each year as this allows them to be a part of investing in their child’s education. We believe in teamwork and ownership.

  • We try where we can, and if location allows, to put the students into private schools as the quality of the education is currently, more often than not,  far superior to that of most government schools here in Nepal.

  • Any excess funds left over after paying school fees and administration fees (I’ll get to that) will go to the family as welfare support and community support programs. This can be in the form of clothes, food hampers, medicine etc, or even school improvement projects. Money is never given directly to the family and is professionally managed by We All Rotate and or our Partner organisations.

  • We try to keep administration costs to a minimum but as you can imagine there are always some (accounting, legal, office supplies and petrol for scooter to travel to and from schools and homes) and $3 per month per student goes to staffing costs here in Nepal, all this adds to a maximum of 15%, I hope you agree and see this as acceptable. We partner with a Nepalese organisation that manages the on the ground financial affairs of each sponsorship.

  • We All Rotate must be transparent and tell you that although we are a registered Australian Charity, we do not currently have our tax deductibility status which allows you to claim at tax time. Most do not have a problem with this, but we totally understand if it’s a concern to you. We All Rotate are currently in the process of obtaining the status.

  • Becoming a sponsor means being part of the solution in making a valuable difference and giving a child and family a brighter future today.  Also, sponsoring means developing friendships with the children and their families.  

  • Your support will significantly impact the life of child and certainly bring relief to their whole family. Supporting a child through sponsorship is a rewarding relationship for all involved. You will be able to communicate with your sponsored child through letters, and get term updates from us as to your student's progress and welfare.

  • We encourage sponsors to support the same child throughout the course of their education for as long as you are able. This allows children to continue their education uninterrupted and facilitates a relationship between the you and your sponsored student.

  • We All Rotate reserves the right to change the monthly contribution amount but will only do so if absolutely necessary and only after giving 1 months prior warning to you. You have the right within that month to email us your objection.

  • We All Rotate reserves the right to cancel the sponsorship of the child at any time if financial, family or other circumstances change.  Families of sponsored children may attain a level of income where they no longer require aid, at which point we will notify you of any change by email.

  • A sponsorship comes to its natural conclusion once a student successfully obtains their Secondary Education Examination certificate. This happens at the end of grade 10 and thereafter we will request that payments for the sponsorship cease. Exceptions and a continuance of a sponsorship may be made if the student wishes to continue with further studies and the sponsor wishes to continue supporting them.  

  • Any residual funds left in a students account after a sponsorship comes to an end or cancelled will be either A) rolled over into a new sponsorship by that same sponsor. or B)  Transferred to be used for our community based projects.​

  • If you choose to sponsor a child we will send you an initial invoice for the first month, from that point on we ask that you set up a reoccurring monthly payment schedule, depositing into our designated account. (We use the honesty system here).

So, what do you think? 

Are you, "Heck yes, count me in!"?  If so; well that's fantastic. Thank you!

The next step; and you're almost there we promise, is for you to fill out the form below and Steve will be in contact shortly to set up your sponsorship. 

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