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Name: Bipana


Gender: Female

AGE: 13

Class: 5 (was in class 8 back in village)

SchooL: ASY Secondary School (Kathmandu)

Lives with: Aunt and Uncle

Likes/Dreams: Nepali language and wants to become a doctor

Personality: Motivated, polite, engaging

Bipana's story

Bipana's family are from a very remote village in the central western area of Nepal. Bipana's mother died 4 years ago due to kidney failure, leaving Bipana in a household with her father and 4 brothers. All her brothers attended school, but Bipana's father and brothers showed no interest or care in supporting her education. As far as they are concerned educating a girl is pointless. So, Bipana took it upon her self to attend school, the only school close enough was a 3 hour walk each way and Bipana continued to do this 6 days a week for the last 4 years until she completed class 8 early in 2023. The school was very small and stops classes  at grade 8. Determined to continue with her studies, Bipana this year reached out to her Aunt who lives in Kathmandu, asking if she can live with her so she can attend a school offering classes 9 -12. The aunt accepted and Bipana has recently relocated and enrolled in her new school. An entrance exam highlighted that Bipana's education thus far has been a little weak, such is the poor standard in remote areas. Bipana has initially been enrolled into class 5 because the school believes this to be a closer reflection of her current level. Bipana is not worried, and although has found the initial couple of months extremely difficult to keep up with a faster pace and more developed education system, she is happy and determined to do well. 

The Aunt and uncles situation is very poor and they live day to day by doing builders labour work. They also have 3 of their own children and they all occupy a small rental "shed". 

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