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BOM Bahadur


Name: Bom


Gender: Male

AGE: 12

Class: 7

SchooL: Super Vision English School, Kathmandu

Lives with: Mother, Sister and 2 brothers.

Likes/Dreams: Wishes to become a civil engineer

Personality: Friendly, good student 


Per month


The family story

Bom's father committed suicide five years ago, he had suffered from mental illness for several years before taking his own life by hanging. Prior to becoming ill, he was a good father and husband, after, he became extremely abusive and would take it out on his family. One violent incident nearly cost the life of one of the sons.  After his death his family could not accept he took his own life and made a claim that Bom's mother "Sanu Maya" had poisoned him and orchestrated the appearance of a suicide. It took nearly 2 years in the courts for Sanu Maya to be proven innocent of the charges. The whole incident took a toll on her kids, her energy and finances. 

Sanu Maya and her two elder sons work as walking street venders selling anything from bags and sandals to watches. The sons work to put themselves through college, Sanu Maya works to keep the family afloat. She can make in a good month $100, and their rent is $60 a month. Its becoming increasingly difficult to work as a street vender with new government laws making it illegal. Sanu Maya has to run from the police and stash her goods on a very regular basis. 

Bom's position at his school is very insecure at the moment with the family unable to pay school fees. The school has been lenient, but that's coming to an end soon.  

We'd love to find a sponsor to stand beside Bom, making sure school fees are paid so he can focus completely on class 7 this year while also bringing welcome relief, hope and support to a mum who's had it tough for far too long. 

We need a $36(AUD) per month sponsor that will cover all education expenses .

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