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dinisha parajuli


Name: Dinisha Parajuli

Sex: Female

DOB: 10th July 2013

Class: 2

Family: Lives with her mother Bina

Lives:  Slums of Kathmandu

Likes: Playing with her toys and studying

Personality: Quiet, polite, happy, engaging

dinisha's story

Dinisha lives alone with her mother. Her father left when her mum Bina was 3 months pregnant with Dinisha. Bina works as a house maid for daily wages 7 days a week and earns around $100 per month. 

During her pregnancy Bina became very unwell and told her husband she needed to go to the hospital. Her husband insisted she under no circumstances was she to go. So unwell, Bina went against her husbands wishes and admitted herself  anyway. During routine tests it was found that Bina was HIV positive. Apparently her husband had been positive and and had known that for some time and that was why he was reluctant to take her to hospital.  Since that hospital visit she has not seen or heard from her husband in almost 8 years. 

Because of quick treatment and medication Bina did not pass the virus on to Dinisha.

Early this year Bina had a prolapsed uterus and she was due to undergo surgery in Feb. The hospital initially refused to do the surgery because as is the case in Nepal a patient requires a carer to be with them 24/7 in the hospital and ideally a blood relative. Bina has no relatives close by and eventually a neighbour volunteered and the hospital accepted this arrangement. As surgery commenced the surgeons were concerned with Bina’s heart rate so they aborted surgery, instead opting to send her to a different hospital for tests. It was revealed that Bina has a hole in her heart that needs to be rectified first.  Bina has borrowed and begged and racked up debts to cover her surgery.

With the Covid lock down commencing in March Bina’s surgeries have been put on hold. It is now August and Bina is still waiting. 

Needless to say this year has been a very difficult year for Bina and Dinisha and we would love to relieve some of the burden by looking after the education expenses for Dinisha moving forward.  At the moment Bina is feeling helpless and totally lost as to how she can continue providing for her daughter and sending her to school. 

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