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Name: Diwana Shrestha

Gender: Female

Age: 4 years

Birthday: 18th February

Currently Lives: Lukusi, PatanNepal

Living with: Mum "Anisha" 

Class: Nursery

Interests: Playing

Diwana's Story

In late 2017 Diwana's father "Dhanraj" committed suicide. This came as a complete shock to wife Anisha as earlier that same day they were happily celebrating Dashai together, (Nepal's biggest festival). After losing her husband, Anisha found very little support in her remote rural village and with no school available locally, she made the tough decision to move to Kathmandu where at least she has a supportive Aunty close by. Anisha found a small room to rent and a job working as a builders labourer.....it's very physically demanding work that pays less than $7 a day. The work is seasonal and irregular. 

Last month Anisha entered Diwana into nursery class at a school close to their home. Diwana is thriving and loves learning and creating friendships. We know that in her current circumstance Anisha will struggle financially to secure Diwana's spot in the school long term. We are here to help her with that!


After careful consideration and watching Anisha's positive attitude, amazing resilience and work ethic and her care and devotion to Diwana we would like to find a sponsor to stand beside this mother and daughter as they work to build a brighter future.

25th July 2019 - The Allen family sponsor Diwana

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