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Name: Gaurav


Gender: Male

AGE: 4 (2024)

Class: Currently not in school

SchooL: (West Nepal)

Lives with: Mother

Personality: Quiet, Reserved


Per month


Gaurav's Story

Father left before Gaurav was born. There has been zero contact since. 

Mum "Parbati" works as a builders laborer but suffers from crippling arthritis which severely hampers her ability to work efficiently or regularly. She tends to get overlooked by the foreman that scouts for workers each day. If she works, she may receive $4 per day in wages. 

We want to get Gaurav into a local school, a school that we have a strong partnership with in the south west region of Nepal. Together, lets get Gaurav educated!

We need a $36(AUD) per month sponsor that will cover all education expenses .

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