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Gopel with Mother Buddhi

L - R Tilasara's mother in law, Gopel, Mother Buddhi, Sister Tilasara, Nephew Nischel, Tilasara's father in law


Name: Gopal Pun

Age: 11 years

DOB: 2007 (exact date unknown)

Currently Lives: Jamunitole, Kohalpur. Nepal

Home members: 5 (sister Tilasara and her parents in law, 3yr nephew Nischel)

Class: 1

Interests: Football

Gopal's story

In 2014 Gopal's dad committed suicide. He had injured his leg and it became infected,  fearing his medical condition would become a huge financial burden he ended his life.

Gopal and his mum Buddhi come from a remote and very poor area of Nepal where education is not easily available. In 2016 Gopal made the move to live in Kohalpur with his older sister Tilisara and her young son, Nischel (once a year Gopal's mum visits him).


Tilasara is married, but when her son Nischel, now 3, was born her husband left for India in the hope of finding working and providing for his young family. 3 years on, and Tilasara has, to this day not heard from her husband or received any money. She now shares a house with her parents in law. Tilasara is the only income earner for the household, working as a builders laborer and earns $60 per month. With her income she needs to provide for the whole household and also support Gopal's education.  Gopal is 11 years old but in 2018 started grade 1 as previously, schooling was not a possibility. He is a keen and enthusiastic student with a thirst for knowledge and an all round polite boy who is very helpful around the home.


We think Gopal and Tilasara are doing an amazing job, but, its time they had a helping hand. What do you think?


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