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Name: Laxmi


Gender: Female

DOB: 2011 (12 years old)

Class: 6

SchooL: North Pole Academy

Lives with: Mother

Likes/Dreams: Loves Math, Dancing, Singing and writing

Personality: Smart, engaging, polite

Laxmi's story

Laxmi lives with her ill mother.  Her estranged father lives on another floor of the same building with his new wife. Laxmi's father is a violent alcoholic and she tells us she often locks herself in her room when he drinks so he cant get to her.  Laxmi's mum "Devaka" suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and it effects her ability to work full time, creating many financial burdens. 

Laxmi is a very bright student. She recently finished grade 5 with top marks and an A+. In the past Laxmi's education has been supported by one of her past teachers. Unfortunately the teacher now has his own family crisis to attend to and can no longer support Laxmi. He came to us for help. 


We have met with Laxmi, Devaka and the school and we think this family definitely needs to be part of our sponsorship program. 


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