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Name: Madhavi


Gender: Female

AGE: 8yrs (as of May 2024)

Class: 3

SchooL: Super Vision English School

Lives with: Mum & Dad & baby brother

Likes/Dreams: Play

Personality: Bright,, happy


Per month


Madhavi's Story

Madhavi comes from a loving family. Mum is a stay at home mum with a 5 month old baby boy. Dad works in a soft drink factory. Last year Madhavi's dad became quite ill and after months of tests, it was found he had a large tumor in his stomach.  It was removed and thankfully found to be benign. The surgery unfortunately has resulted in gut issues, but he is slowly regaining his health and energy, enough so that he has returned to work. His time off, and his medical expenses have thrown the family into debt and financial hardship. Madhavi is now in very real danger of losing her position at her school because the family, at this time, can not afford to pay fees. 

We need a sponsor to help alleviate some stress and ensure Madhavi stays at her school. We want to initially sponsor for a period of 12 months in the hope that this gives the family time to get back on their feet. We can reassess at the conclusion of class 3. 

We need a $36(AUD) per month sponsor to help cover Madhavi's school fees. 

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