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Sexual abuse survivor
Name and identity will only be given after a sponsorship has commenced 


Name: -


Gender: Female

AGE: 17

Class: 12

SchooL: Kathmandu

Lives with: Safe house




her story in her own words


I am 17 years old girl from Chitwan. Currently I am under the protection of  "Antardristi Nepal."

I had little happy family. I am the only daughter in the house. I have an older brother and one younger brother. My father
drives a bus. Everything was good in the house. One time I came to my auntie's house in Kathmandu. While I was staying at my auntie's house, my father also came to stay.

Auntie was living in Kathmandu with only two rooms. That day my father and I slept in one room and auntie slept to another room. At night, my father started to touch my body and did bad things with me. I was so scared that I could not say anything to aunty. Tomorrow morning I returned home with my father. From that day, I could not go to school. I even started fainting from time to time. My mother was very worries about me. I told everything to my mother. As soon as my mother came to know about this, she took me to the police station.


Now my father is in police custody and my mother sends me at Antardristi Nepal to improve my future and my present situation.

Now I am safe and everything is fine at home.

We need a sponsor for an initial period of 1 year to help her get through to the completion of year 12. 

Sponsored on the 23rd July 2023

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