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Sexual abuse survivor
Name and identity will only be given after a sponsorship has commenced 


Name: -


Gender: Female

AGE: 15

Class: 4 or 5 (entrance exam needs to be taken)

SchooL: Kathmandu

Lives with: Safe house


Personality: withdrawn, quiet


a heartbreaking story

Her parents divorced when she was young, and from that point on was sent away to live with her maternal uncle and his family. She was happy, loved her family and thrived at school. At the age of 13,  to continue with her studies she was required to produce her birth certificate, something she did not have. She traveled to her birth village to meet her father and to arrange to get her birth certificate. While with her father he raped her. She was found by her step mother beaten and unconscious. The assault was brought before the village elders who decided to keep it a secret and suggested to the father he should run away to India for a while. 

For the next 2 years she was held in the small village, locked in a house in an attempt to keep it all a secret.  Thankfully due to the courage and conviction of one the villagers who reported it to a human rights organisation, the result was the rescue of this young lady. She was, at that time found to be in an extremely poor condition. After spending some time in a transit home, she is now in Kathmandu in the care of our partner organisation, receiving ongoing counselling, and living with a group of girls who are also survivors of abuse. 

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