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Sexual abuse survivor
Name and identity will only be given after a sponsorship has commenced 


Name: -


Gender: Female

AGE: - approx 10 yrs

Class: 2 or 3 (entrance exam needs to be taken)

SchooL: Kathmandu

Lives with: Safe house


Personality: withdrawn, quiet


a heartbreaking story

In 2017 (4 years old!) while home alone, was sexually abused by a village elder. Her mother returned home to find her beaten, bloody and unconscious. To date her abuser has never been found. Coming from a remote village, services to help her deal with this trauma are non existent, and so, no counselling has ever been provided. Since the attack, both mother and daughter have been ridiculed and tortured at the hands of local villages due to the negative stigma attached to a victim of such a crime. Early in 2023, a visiting social worker heard of her history and has gone to great lengths to find help, eventually finding support through our partners here in Kathmandu. Now relocated and in a safe house, this young girl is surrounded by other survivors, has regular access to specialized counselors, is in a safe and encouraging environment and now has the exciting opportunity to attend school. 

Here's where you can make an impact. We require a sponsor that will cover school fees, uniforms, stationary and tuition expenses. Plus you get the added privilege of getting to know your sponsorchild and watch their growth and development as they work to build a brighter future. It is so rewarding!!

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