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Pasang is proudly sponsored 


Richard & Kaye Setchell


Name: Pasang Tamang

Age: 12

DOB: 14th April 2006

Lives: Dharmasthali, Kathmandu

Family members: 5 (Father, Mother, 1 x Brother, 1 x Sister)

Class: (does not attend school) Completed Prep 2 years ago

Interests: Art & Singing

Note: Has Down Syndrome  

Pasang's Story

Pasang is a very special young boy. Diagnosed as a baby with Down Syndrome, his parents were determined to give him the best and most "normal" life possible. Enrolling him in a local government school at age 8, Pasang loved and found so much joy in learning and playing. He successfully completed Kindergarten and prep. With some obvious learning difficulties and a boisterous approach to all he does, some of his peers found difficulty relating to him, and the school ultimately refused to enroll him into class one as they found teaching him was a specialised field that they could not provide.

Dejected and lost to know how to help their son or where to get help, Pasang's parents have kept him at home the last 2 years. 

Father "Sudhir" works as a clerk in a small hotel, earning $150 per month.

Mother "Sunita" is a stay at home mother.

Since hearing about Pasang's story We ALL Rotate have initiated and accompanied the family to meetings with the "Down Syndrome Society".

We have sourced and secured a place at a good school specifically catering to Down Syndrome students.  At first Pasang's parents were reluctant to want to send him, as they refused to acknowledge his need for a "Special School". However after encouraging them to visit the school, they have seen first hand what a wonderful environment it will be for Pasang, and to seal the deal, Pasang Loved IT!

The fees however are much more than the Tamang family can manage, that's where you can step in. With a team effort between YOU his Sponsor, a contribution by his parents and the government of Nepal (disability allowance..$20 per month) the school fees will be covered!

What a remarkable opportunity to make a real impact for only $33 per month.

"We all Rotate" have paid the initial $35 admission fee to secure Pasang's place in the school. We are looking for a $33 p/m sponsor. Will you be the change the Tamang family are desperate to see?

June 2018 - The Setchell's sponsor Pasang

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