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Ratish is proudly sponsored


Kristin Grainger


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Name: Ratish Maharjan

Gender: Male

Age: 12 years (as of May 2019)

Birthday: July 9th 2006

Currently Lives: Balu, Lalitpur. Nepal

Living with: Mother "Tara", Father "Ratna"

Class: 8

Dream: To join the Army

Ratish's Story

Ratish's father suffers from a mental illness, he is also an alcoholic and abusive.

Ratish and his mum Tara bare the brunt of his anger, the only respite they get is when he is admitted into a mental hospital but he never lasts long in treatment and always returns home the same. He does not work.

Mum Tara works 6 days a week in a carpet factory and earns approximately $80 per month, a substantial amount of this is spent on Ratna's addiction and medications. Tara has in the past been diligent at paying Ratish's school fees but now as he enters year 8 the school fees increase dramatically and she now fears she can no longer afford his education.

When we posed the question to Tara " why dont you leave your husband?" She answered through tears "Now i have accepted my fate, this is my life. I am a woman, my society wont accept me if i leave my husband. If i leave there's no going back, and i cant see a way forward. I will do whatever it takes to compress my pain for my son."


Through a sponsorship we will ensure Ratish's education until at least class 10, this will provide him with a basic school leaving certificate. If his grades are good enough to continue to class 12 we will certainly encourage him to continue. A sponsorship will also bring huge relief to Tara financially, psychologically and emotionally. She will most definitely feel empowered and not alone, she will feel supported.....something she has not felt for many many years. And with that support; who knows, she might find the courage to change her circumstances. We will certainly support her if and when she does!

Ratish is an average grade student that will need some support and tutoring to improve his grades to be eligible to enter the Military. A military career will set Ratish up for life, with a good salary and allow him to support him mum in the future....something he wishes to do to pay her back for her sacrifice.



A sponsorship is a financial commitment of $36 AUD per month.


Becoming a sponsor means being part of the solution in making a valuable difference and giving a student a brighter future today.  Also, sponsoring means developing friendships with the children and their families.  


Your support will significantly impact the life of the child and their family and certainly bring financial and physiological relief. 


Supporting a child through sponsorship is a rewarding relationship for all involved. You will be able to communicate with your sponsored child through letters, and get regular updates from us as to their school progress and welfare.


We encourage you as a sponsor to support the same child throughout the course of their education or for as long as you are able able. This allows children to continue their education uninterrupted and facilitates a relationship between the you and your sponsor child


We All Rotate reserves the right to cancel the sponsorship of a child at any time if financial, family or other circumstances change.  Families of sponsored children may attain a level of income where they no longer require aid, at which point we will notify you of any change by email. 

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