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Rohit Thapa 


Name : Rohit Thapa

DOB: 9th May 2015

Lives in: Pipiree, Kohalpur, Nepal (south West)

Class: Not yet enrolled (has been attending some playgroup classes)

Family Members: 5 (step mother, father and 3 sisters)

Personality: Outgoing, engaging, cheeky, playful


Family photo - Feb 2020



In early 2019 Rohit's birth mother dropped him off in front of his biological father's house and hasn't been heard of since. Rohit now lives with his step sisters, step mother "Pravita" and his father "Dhan". The family is very poor and rent a small mud hut, originally used to house chickens.

It was only a couple of years ago that  Rohit's father worked as a rickshaw driver when he was diagnosed with  a degenerative and deteriorating eye disease, that has now left him almost completely blind. Unable to work the burden is now on Prativa to make ends meet and she does so by collecting wood to sell from a local forest . Its back breaking work and a long journey to and from the forest, and Prativa always runs the risk of being caught as it is an illegal trade. 

There is no way the family can financially afford to send any of their children to school. We all Rotate currently sponsor Rohit's eldest sister "Premika" and are sending her to a good private school close to their home. It is our dream to send all the Thapa children to the same school. Rohit is now at the age that we can enroll him into kinder. We have organised for Rohit to attend some child care classes at the school and he just loves it. Its now time to make it official and get him enrolled.

Family photo - Feb 2019 (Rohit in blue hoody)

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