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Sabina is sponsored by

Jodienne Morris


Sabina Shrestha

Age:13 (2018)

Family Members: 6 (Mother, Father, 3 x sisters and 1 x brother)

Lives: Gwarko, Lalitpur, Nepal

Class: 8

Interests: Reading and music

Dreams of becoming a nurse

Sabina's Story

Sabina's father "Santa Kumar" was a taxi driver. He earned good money and provided well for his family. In October of 2017 he started to feel ill and went to a hospital, after tests he was informed he had acute kidney failure stemming from years of suffering diabetes. 

Upon finding a hospital that was able to treat him, he moved his family to that same area of Kathmandu.  For the last 4 months Santa Kumar has been regularly having dialysis treatment.

He has already sold the land he owned to help cover costs. His wife and Sabina's mother "Bishnu" left her job of house-maid to become full time carer.

With the help of his V.D.C.'s (Village Development Committee)  he gets free Dialysis 3 times a week. 

Medicines, doctors appointments and physiotherapy all need to be covered by the family.


Santa Kumar has employed a driver so his taxi business can continue to operate. After expenses for the business he may make $180 per month. Having 4 growing children all studying at school, their school expenses coupled with house rent, medical expenses, living expenses and food costs, Santa Kumar is under incredible financial stress and is considering removing Sabina from school and sending her to a rural government school and find her a job so she can  help with financial needs. 

Sabina is the oldest of 4 children, she loves her current school and she is an A grade student. She desperately wants to continue studying.

With your support of $33 per month Sabina can continue her studies. You can help give her the best opportunity for a brighter future and help relieve the financial burden upon her family.

" Thank you Jodienne,

your help is great for my family. 

I will try my best"


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