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Needs a sponsor


5 years

Lives with:

Mother and younger sister


Piparee, South West Nepal


Will start nursery classes on commencement of sponsorship.

Family Background

Mum "Nanda" and dad "Tek Raj" were famers in rural Nepal. One day while Tek Raj was taking his cattle out to graze he decided to take rest and leaned up against a power pole and touched a live open wire, he was immediately electrocuted. That was close to two years ago.  


Late last year Nanda decided to move to a bigger city with her children in order to be closer to schools (the closest school where they were was 2 and a half hours walk away), and hospitals because Samrat was born with a cleft lip and requires ongoing care.  


Nanda has found work as a builders labourer,  its grueling work and she currently takes Samrat with her while she works. 


Per month


We are looking for a $36(AUD) per month sponsor to support Samrat . 

Click the link below to find out more

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