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Natalie Van den herik



Name: Sangam Pariyar

Gender: Male

Age: 8yrs

Birthday:  - 

Currently Lives: Balaju Heights, KTM Nepal

Living with: In school hostel

Class: U.K.G

Interests: Playing

Character: Cheeky, inquisitive, needs strong guidance as for many years he has had no one to set boundaries. Loves Math and is an average student when looking at his results. (note: he is only in Kinder!)

Sangam's story

Sangam was born in Kavre, a remote rural area not far from Kathmandu Valley. His mother left him when he was 2 years old, leaving him in the care of his alcoholic father. His grandparents eventually took him in, but they are extremely poor and aging and were unable to properly care for Sangam. In 2018 he was found by our local partner organisation "Corona Nepal", he was in a sorry state with no clothes and without food and his grandparents in despair. This year the grandparents past guardianship over to "Corona Nepal", and Sangam was moved to Kathmandu and placed in a good school and hostel. Now we come into the picture.

We had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Sangam recently having taken him and some other kids from the hostel out to a fun park. He's a great kid and needs good people to stand beside him and care for his today, and his tomorrows.

12th Dec 2019 - Sangam gets sponsored by Natalie

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