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Sarita B.K


Name: Sarita B.K

Sex: Female

DOB: 18th April 2005

Class: 7 or 8. needs to sit entrance exam once the school re-opens

SchooL: Madan Smarak H.S

Lives:  Safe house in Kathmandu

Likes: Reading, Dancing, Singing and watching Bollywood movies. Wants to become a nurse

Personality: Chatty, confident, energetic, has a sense of humour

Sarita's story

Sarita comes from a remote district of Nepal called Surkhet. Her mother died several years ago due to liver disease. At that time she was sent to stay with her Aunt and Uncle, away from her father, brother and sister. Late last year her aunt and uncle decided they no longer wanted Sarita living with them, and so it was arranged that Sarita would get married. Child marriages are still common in some areas of Nepal even though it is now outlawed....luckily for Sarita the authorities became aware of the pending marriage and with the help of our partner organisation, Sarita was removed from that situation and moved to live in a hostel in Kathmandu where she is cared for and shares the house with many girls her own age. It is our pleasure to take on the responsibility of looking after Sarita's education needs, allowing her to receive the wonderful gift of an education so she can pave a new future for herself.

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