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Tanya Closter and family

Shrestha family July 2018

Sisters September 2019



Name: Saraswati Shrestha

Gender: Female

Age: 9 years

Birthday: 7th November 

Currently Lives: Gwarko, Lalitpur. Nepal

Living with: Mother, 3 older sisters and 1 younger brother

Class: 3

Interests:  Dancing

sabina's family.jpg

Sarawati's story

In December of last year (2018)  Sarsawati's world was rocked by the death of her father "Santa Kumar" when he lost his battle with kidney disease. He was a good man who provided well for his family of 4 children and wife "Bishnu Maya". Since Santa Kumar's passing the family has struggled to make ends meet with medical debts and rising living expenses. Eldest daughter Sabina (15 years) was required to work 3 hours every morning before school to help support the family, unfortunately this took a toll on Sabina's studies and we have advised her to cease work to focus on her schooling at this crucial stage of her education. We All Rotate currently sponsor Saraswat's 2 elder sisters Sabina and Sapana. 

Now, mum Bishnu Maya is the sole income earner for the family and works from 5:30 am to 5:30 pm as a house cleaner in two houses, 7 days a week. They live in Kathmandu Valley but family members back in their rural village are pressuring Bishnu Maya to return to the village where there is no schooling and questioning the need for her daughters to be educated in the first place.  Bishnu Maya is adamant and committed to her daughter's, and son's education and with our support has found the confidence to reject the mounting pressures. 


September 2019

Tanya Closter becomes Saraswati's sponsor. 

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