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Sexual abuse survivor
Name and identity will only be given after a sponsorship has commenced 



Name: -


Gender: Female

AGE: 13

Class: 4 or 5 (entrance exam needs to be taken)

SchooL: Kathmandu

Lives with: Safe house


Personality: withdrawn, quiet

a heartbreaking story

In 2022 was forced to drop out of school (grade 6) due to extreme family poverty. The family live in a remote village in the central eastern region of Nepal. Six children live with their mother and an alcoholic violent father. In 2022, while the mother was away visiting family, the father started sexually abusing her. Threatened and terrified, she was was unable to tell her mother, so she initially kept it to herself. One day the father decided to take a job in a brick kiln factory in Kathmandu and took her with him. (just the two of them). He continued to abuse her daily.  She built up the confidence to confide in another man at the factory whom she felt she could trust. To her horror, instead of alerting authorities, he too started to sexually abuse her. During a short return visit to her village she shared with her mother she had been abused at the factory by a man, omitting the fathers ongoing abuse. The mother immediately contacted the police. During the investigations she found the courage to  also implicate her father as an abuser. 

Currently both men are in jail. 

To this day her mother does not believe her accusations against the father and the village community has shunned and shamed her saying it was her own character that brought this on. 

Recently moved to Kathmandu and into the care of our partner organisation, now residing in a safe house with other survivors.


Initially she had no interest in returning to school, but after witnessing the positive impact and enthusiasm of the other girls in the house she has now decided she would like to give school a go. 

This is where we step in, and have the absolute privilege of supporting this young lady as she heals and starts to work towards a brighter future. 

We need to find a sponsor and we will immediately enroll her into school, covering all education expenses, providing tailored uniforms, stationary, lunches and extra tuition classes. 

Sponsored - 20th July 2023

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