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Name: Srijana Chaudary

Age: years

Birthday: 15th July

Currently Lives: Panipokhari, Nepal

Living with: Mother "Laxmi", Father "Nitya Anando", 8yr old Brother "Dhiraj".

Class: Currently not attending school

Interests: Playing

Srijana's Story

Srijana's father Nitya has stage 4 kidney disease and requires dialysis treatment 3 times a week and ultimately a kidney transplant, however that seems unlikely with no family members willing to pursue the process....his future unfortunately looks bleak.

Nitya was a police office until 4 years ago when his kidneys started to fail. He is being treated at the Police Hospital in Kathmandu. His dialysis treatment is covered by his police pension but his daily medications are not, and they mount to approximately $140 per month and. 

Srijana's older brother attends a school and is supported by Nitya's police pension. They will not support two children. Srijana is now at the age to start school (kindergarten) and with the new school year having commenced in April its time to get her enrolled. 

We have been visiting several schools close to their rental room and the hospital and will be able to make the decision to enroll Srijana as soon as we find her a sponsor.

Once Srijana is at school it will allow mum Laxmi to look for a day job or to just care for Nutya.  




21st June 2019

Kerri Erler sponsors Srijana 

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